Sunday, February 20, 2011

Organizing my Scraproom/Dining room

I'm back to scrapping after a long absence due to a move, a wedding and a new grandbaby (on the way)-  February has been a great month to spend inside and scrapping-it has snowed a lot!
Mainly I've been working on wedding pages, some of which I have shared here-
But I have also been participating in a challenge at to organize my scrap area, currently in the dining room-  om .com
Here are the before photos:

The befores are not pretty- The table tends to be a catch-all and we do use it for dining too-
Since the start of the challenge I have finished painting the walls and today, my chandelier was hung- Yeah! No more naked light bulb!
I also have found that while I like to see what I've got when I'm scrapping-I don't really want to see it when I'm not-  So doors will be made to cover the open shelves and I am rethinking my storage-  Here are my ribbons all neat in their box-
I have also sorted through my cardstock and patterned paper and added a few more sterlite drawers, replaced bins that were too large for shelves and even begun making a few decorative items for the walls-
I still need to find the right storage for magazines, paint the trim and hem the curtains- I will post photos of the room when it is finished-- Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wedding Pages

I'm putting my daughter's wedding photos into an album.  Her colors were shades of purples and greens.  All of her photos were taken by family and friends.  We set up a table at the reception for everyone to download their photos. Also on the guest table were tags with a Photo Scavenger Hunt.  It worked out really well, almost everyone wanted to participate, we had over 1000 photos to choose from.  Things I'd do next time-- More Photo Hunt tags and Make sure every "Must Have" shot was on a tag.  We also set up a monitor so that guests could see the photos that were uploaded as a slide show.
Here are the first LO's: